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Everything Rope

4 Piece Set, Black Aluminum Carabiner Clips, 3" Large Aluminum D Ring Shape, Best Option for Carabiner Clips, The Uses of Carabiners are Endless, Great Addition for Everything Rope

4 Piece Set, Black Aluminum Carabiner Clips, 3" Large Aluminum D Ring Shape, Best Option for Carabiner Clips, The Uses of Carabiners are Endless, Great Addition for Everything Rope


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  • INCLUDED: 4 Large Carabiner Aluminum Black Clips
  • HIGH-QUALITY FEATURES: Lightweight but strong, Strong aluminum material, The large carabiner clip is Elegant, Strong and Practical. These clips are perfect for Camping, Keychain Clip, Backpack Clips, Bungee Ropes, Everything Rope, Water Bottles, Dog Walking, Motorcycle gear, Buoys, Bumpers, Hiking, Fishing, Pets, The black carabiner has a Spring-Loaded Closing Gate that makes it smoothly to open and close. The Large D Ring clip makes it easy to secure most anything.
  • OUTDOOR USE: Endless outdoor applications for backpackers, hikers, & outdoor enthusiast. This multifunctional clip can be used to attach Keys, Camping gear, as well as lanterns & lights. Very durable & great for hiking, camping, and outdoor sports. Some outdoor applications include, hanging lights, camping, & backpacking. You can use on Camping Gear, Hiking, Fishing, Dog Walking, & Lights. Indoor/Outdoor Equipment Gear, & Much More!
  • Not for climbing!
  • INDOOR USE: The carabiner hooks are great for hanging power tools, camping supplies, and automotive tools and supplies. Also ideal for hanging lights, potted plants, garage tools, and storage containers.
  • Whether you need to secure your equipment in your truck bed, or your camping gear and paddle board on your roof rack, or your dog walking rope. These Carabiners are incredibly versatile. The possibilities are endless, making it a safe replacement for traditional accessories to secure ropes, nets, bungees and More. Don't Wait, Secure your Cargo Safely TODAY!
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Customer Reviews

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James W

They are solid and hold weight and tension as you'd expect. Obviously they don't have any fancy/advanced features, but I'm wouldn't expect for this price.

Chris W.

These carabiners look nice. I am not sure what the black coating is, paint or otherwise. I would not recommend these for climbing. The carabiners are made of aluminum and the hinge pin is probably steel as a magnet sticks to it.


These are great large carabiners that heavy duty and fairly well made. The clasp isn't the most accurate I've ever seen, but I don't anticipate any issues when using these. I bought these mostly for hanging guy lines when deploying tarps and hammocks for camping. It's always good to have a bunch of spare carabiners, regardless. Recommended.


These are nice units. They are built sturdier than some other light use carabiners I have purchased (of course they are not for use in climbing). They have printing on both sides as the picture shows. The price is reasonable for 4.

George P

I use carabiners for lots of things. This set was nice in that in came ins an affordably priced four pack. I only needed two for now. One to clip my water bottle to my backpack and another to clip poo bags to my dog's retractable leash. I would consider these "medium duty" keep that in mind when ordering. I'm sure I will quicky fund uses for the other two clips!

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